What are the surgeries to be performed to make the male face a feminine and which areas are it applied?

The frontal sinus anterior wall is shaved and embedded into the sinus.

The entire bony anterior wall of the frontal sinus is removed in the form of a half clover. After the protruding parts are shaved, the bone in the sinus is placed in a flat and slightly concave manner, as in women. Bone structure is determined with metal plates or stitches.


Supraorbital, that is, the upper part of the eyeball’s bone frame of the forehead region is shaved and softened and a feminine skeleton structure.

Reaching the part of the jawbone from the posterior corner to the tip of the jaw through the mouth and thinning this area by removing a thin and long bone segment from the outer part of that area.

Reaching the chin tip from inside the mouth, making the diagonal structure round.

Placing specially manufactured prostheses on the bone to clarify the cheekbones or trying to achieve this feminine image by fat injection in that area.


Forehead Shaving

Shaved Bone After Surgery


Interventions in Anatomical Structures with Different Appearance Between Other Men and Women


The anterior protrusion of the largest of the laryngeal cartilages called
throatboll is quite protruding in almost all of the males. This part of the cartilage is shaved with a horizontal skin incision made in that area.

The forehead line is lower in males and there is a backward indentation in the forehead area. In women, it is in the form of a straight line. While the male forehead line is pulled forward, the female forehead hairline is created by making the recess part straight.


Nose Aesthetics in Gender Change from Male to Female


As an aesthetic view, it is considered appropriate to have the back of the male nose flat and the tip of the nose to be raised 90-95 degrees, while the nasal ridge is concave and the nasal tip is 100-110 degrees in women.


Mainly, paying attention to these two measurements, the male nose is corrected again with plastic surgery in accordance with the size of the woman.