Microsurgery techniques have made a breakthrough in plastic and reconstructive surgery and the point reached by these techniques has been composite tissue transplants. Microsurgery is performed under magnification using special and highly sensitive surgical instruments using a microscope or surgical glasses. Functional or aesthetic results, which are difficult to treat with other surgical methods or superior to alternative methods, can be easily obtained with microsurgery. Likewise, while repairing the missing limb or tissue with these techniques, the least amount of functional or aesthetic loss is created in the body.


The main operations where I use microsurgery techniques:


Making breasts from their own tissue for patients who have undergone mastectomy after breast cancer, that is, whose breasts have been removed,


In the treatment of facial paralysis caused by various reasons, congenital or later,

Sex change surgeries,

Closing tissue defects after cancer surgery,

Hand Surgery and especially in congenital or subsequent hand finger deficiencies, foot to hand finger transfers,

For composite tissue transplants including face and limb transplants.