In many hand surgery operations, physical therapy is as important as surgery, and it is physical therapy that shows the success of the surgery and even takes the result further. Because the upper extremities are structures that act in coordination, where many joints, tendons, muscles and nerves are located in our body, especially our hand, arm, forearm, shoulder and lower extremity. It is impossible to solve the deficiencies, disorders and similar problems of these structures due to any reason with just one surgery, and with a perfect physical therapy that completes this, these structures can be restored to their former functions. Hand surgery is a science in itself and is very comprehensive. Here, I would like to briefly explain the topics that fall within the scope of hand surgery, as well as some special hand surgery surgeries that I particularly like to deal with.

Hand Surgery main topics;

– Congenital hand anomalies

– Traumatic finger, arm and leg organs are returned to their place with microsurgery

– Secondary problems caused by trauma (problems such as tendons, joints, etc. or contractures due to burn trauma)

– Tumor Surgery (extends from ganglion cysts to cancers that are rare) – Congenital or traumatic brachialplexus surgery

– Repair of tissue deficiencies This list can be considered more broadly. As a hand surgery specialist, I am interested in repairs that require microsurgery, as well as dealing with all these hand surgery problems. I would like to briefly mention these as follows:



– Finger transplants from foot to hand, which I think give the highest functional and aesthetic result in congenital or traumatic finger loss, especially the thumb.

– Functional muscle transfers using microsurgery to repair the movement deficiencies in the hand, arm and shoulder areas in late-term brachialplexus paralysis.

– Tissue transplants, which I think give the best functional and aesthetic results, to solve the limitation of movement problems in the hands due to tissue deficiencies after burns.

– The limb transplants I have mentioned in composite tissue transplants As a result, Hand Surgery is a procedure that includes special surgical interventions, that needs to be followed frequently after surgery and requires complex treatment methods.