With the frequent application of aesthetic surgeries in the community, genital area aesthetics have also become the subject of plastic surgery. The practices I do are different in the male and female genital system.


In the Male Genital System / Penis Lengtening:


The method I prefer is to cut the ligaments that connect the penis to the pubic bone. With this process, an elongation of 2-4 cm is provided. With this technique, I learned from the feedback I received from my patients that the penis was long enough. The disadvantage of this technique is that the angulation of the penis towards the abdomen decreases in erection. However, this situation does not cause any problems during sexual intercourse. While penis extension with the intervention to be made on the other applied scrotum skin provides only apparent elongation in the skin of the penis, it does not mainly extend the part of the penis that provides the size of the penis during sexual intercourse. Because, with this procedure, the part of the penis embedded in the anterior abdominal wall is not released.

  • Penis Enlargement: I use the fat injection method in penis enlargement. In addition to making this technique a very simple application for the patient, the desired result is achieved successfully.Before Surgery


In the Female Genital System


Large Lip Augmentation I can achieve very successful results in these patients with fat injection.


Small Lips Aesthetics: The desired appearance is that the small lips are not visible through the big lips or they are detected only as a thin line. However, some of our patients require reduction because the small lips are excessively larger than normal. There may be cases where the asymmetrical appearance or small lips are completely eliminated in patients where this reduction procedure is not performed properly. For this reason, the downsizing procedure should be performed with an appropriate surgical procedure. In addition, I also perform small lip reconstruction and correction operations for patients with small lip loss or asymmetric appearance due to previous small lip aesthetics.


Vaginal Tightening: I perform the vaginal tightening procedure by surgical or laser application according to the examination of my patients.