Often trauma, but less often congenital hand-toes deficiency may occur. In this case, if the number of missing fingers cannot fulfill the function of the hand, it may be necessary to transfer from the toes to the hand. In this method, it is the method that gives the best result among the finger reconstruction methods of plastic surgery, as the repair is made with the toes that are the most similar to the fingers in terms of functionality and aesthetics. In order of frequency, thumb comes first in finger transplants from foot to hand, while index and long fingers follow this order. Transplanting two toes can give better results, especially in patients who do not have other fingers except the thumb. In this way, besides grasping the coarse objects, the pencil, etc., which we call fine grip. It can also hold objects.


Studies have shown that while adult patients have less chance to accept this surgery, they can accept it more easily for their children. In line with my clinical experience and scientific data, these surgeries provide excellent results for the maximum function and aesthetics of the hand for everyone except very advanced age. The most important concern of my patients is that when the toes are handled, they will lose their walking function or face aesthetic problems. The two most important points in the walking function of the foot are the heel and the resting surface at the end of the toe. Because the heel remains intact and the support point of the remaining fingers is strong, there is no loss in walking function. Even in patients with two fingers, especially one finger, if you do not pay much attention to the number of fingers from the outside, an obvious aesthetic problem is not noticed.


The most important point here is to evaluate your earnings on the scales according to the losses. I think that this aesthetic loss in the toes is not very important while obtaining a hand that is close to normal both aesthetically and functionally with a fully functional hand nail structure.


Below you will see the result of the surgery on my child patient who got caught in the meat grinder. In a completely dysfunctional hand, fine and coarse grasping movements were achieved and my patient returned to his normal life. The aesthetic loss of the foot is at an acceptable level.