In my opinion, fat injection is an application that is open in both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and gives very satisfactory results even now.


Because, although a certain amount of loss occurs in the fat tissue given in fat applications, the desired volume can be easily reached with repeated applications. The most important difference of fat injection from hyalurinic acid derivative fillers is our body’s own tissue and does not treat it as foreign and break it down. Once the adipose tissue is accepted where it is placed, it remains there for the life of the patient. In fact, as the patient gains weight, it expands its volume in this area and acts otherwise when losing weight.


The heart shape, which is the image of youth in the facial area, while the parts with the cheekbones are plump, the image tapering towards the tip of the chin changes as the age gets older, both the volume loss of the tissues and the downward displacement of the tissues in the middle of the face. Over time, this inverted triangle image, which is the image of youth, leaves its place to a square shape. There is a chance to provide a younger appearance to the patient with these fat injections in the woman who does not have much sagging in the skin tissue. It is also known that the injected fat has a rejuvenating effect on the skin.


The patient group I use most frequently in reconstructive surgery is the patients who underwent breast reconstruction. In these, the upper part of the breast may not become full despite the surgeries. Here, the desired aesthetic result can be easily achieved with a few fat injections made in this area.