Excessive skin and fat on the eyelids make the person look tired and old. In aesthetic eyelid surgery, excess skin, fat and muscle tissue in the eyelids are removed. This operation does not affect the darkening and wrinkles around the eyes. With this operation, the fats that cause bagging in the lower eyelids are removed.

While this operation is applied alone, it can be combined with eyebrow lift and face lift operations. This operation is applied to men and women who have realistic expectations without serious systemic diseases. People whose eyes look low due to sagging skin on the upper eyelid benefit from this operation.


In people who have bags in the lower eyelid but also have dimples under the bags, the fat is not removed and carried to the hollow areas. Care should be taken when applying this operation to patients with hyperthyroidism, diabetes, dry eye disease and eye pressure. Before the operation, you should not be using drugs that will increase bleeding. This operation can be performed with limited anesthesia. General anesthesia can be preferred in patients with very low pain threshold. Relaxation with sleep-inducing drugs can be added to local anesthesia.


In aesthetic eyelid operation, the scars are too few to be noticed even if you look closely. After removing the enlarged muscle and skin, it is possible to lift the eyebrow with the same scar. The outer edge of the eye can be taken higher to achieve a more aesthetic appearance. In order to reduce swelling, bandage and cold application is applied with wet cotton balls for the first 2 to 4 hours. Head should be above body level in the first week. It is possible to leave the hospital the same day or 1 day later. Stitches are removed for 4-5 days. 10-15 days after the aesthetic eyelid operation, most of your chins go down and you can return to your social activities

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