Abdominoplasty Surgeries

Results such as looseness of the abdominal muscles, excessive fat, excessive skin after obesity surgery, weight loss or abdominal muscle looseness after pregnancy can be eliminated by abdominoplasty. Tummy tuck surgery includes two basic surgical principles.

Surgical Principles

One of these is to tighten the muscle membrane, which is called the muscle fascia. Like an inner corset, this structure is tightened with stitches. This eliminates the bulging of the anterior abdominal wall by the internal organs of the abdomen that occurs due to the looseness of the abdominal muscle membrane. In the surgical technique, the repair of this structure is very important aesthetically and if it is done properly, very good results are obtained in patients. In the postoperative period, this tension may cause some discomfort in patients, which is an expected result. These problems will increase more, especially when using the abdominal muscles. However, over time, these problems will regress very quickly in the patient. In the early postoperative period, I would like my patients to walk by leaning forward a little. This will reduce the complaints of the patient due to the tension and will provide less load on the stitches. I do not want my patients to use a corset if I have not applied additional liposuction after surgery. I do not think corset is a very useful application.


The second principle is to remove excessive loose skin and subcutaneous tissue. In this way, while providing an aesthetically beautiful appearance in the abdomen, at the same time, fatty cracks are removed in the lower abdomen for childbirth or weight gain and loss. It is very important to create a new belly button here. The most common mistakes are making a larger or smaller belly button than normal or not being able to plan this structure in the midline

Schematic view of tummy tuck surgery steps


Almost, I add this technique to all my tummy tuck surgeries. Because abdominoplasty is often insufficient to form the waist pit on both sides. When liposuction is applied to these areas, the desired result can be achieved easily.


Tummy tuck surgery is not a weight loss surgery like liposuctin. However, it gives very good results especially in patients who have lost weight.

Before the Surgery


If possible, I want him to quit smoking a week before. Because smoking is the most important factor that disrupts micro blood circulation. There is a risk of circulation problems with the effect of smoking in the area inside the underwear, which we call the bikini cut, where the abdominal skin is the most tense. Apart from this, I do not have any other suggestions that would restrict the normal life of the patients.

Before Abdominal Lifting

Aesthetic Result In tummy tuck, the incision scar made for the skin remains in underwear. In addition, when liposuction is added to the waist cavities, patients can achieve an ideal abdominal image.


After Abdominal Lifting

Before Abdominal Lifting